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by churchillsadmin posted June 9, 2014 category Uncategorized

Hello, everyone!

As we approach our 2nd year of renovations, updates, and improvements to the property, we eagerly try to keep the most current information available through our website. Note that you are encouraged to interact with us via Twitter and Facebook–and those links can be found above in the header or in the footer below–and also by becoming a member of the Churchill’s family be joining our communication roster located in the footer, as well. In the meantime, between the opening of Overby’s and the other Churchill’s centric restaurants and facilities within the Churchill’s building, we will be working diligently to make our website as equally welcoming and usable as our physical facility.

You are encouraged to contact our web developer by email with any issues you have with the website. He can be reached at and he will be glad to address your issues as you bring them to his attention.

Of course, you’re also welcome to contact me directly by using the contact form located here.

Warmest regards,

Dee West

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