Churchill’s + Mountain Workshops welcomes students, celebrates the event

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Churchill’s is honored to host the 2014 Mountain Workshops program. Activities, workshops, and classes began on October 17th and will continue until October 26th at historic Churchill’s.

Mountain Workshops, Berea, KY 2014 Churchill's


Below is a non-exhaustive list of speakers, staff, and accomplished guests one could encounter during the week:

Scott Anger | Freelance
Liz Baylen | The L.A. Times
Renée C. Byer | Sacramento Bee
Mick Cochran | Freelance
Jed Conklin | Jed Conklin Photography
Rodney Curtis | Freelance
Rick Gershon | Freelance
Barry Gutierrez | Freelance
Grant Kaye | Grant Kaye Photography
Jonathan Newton | Washington Post
Mark Osler | Mark Osler Photography
Wes Pope | University of Oregon
Michael S. Williamson | Washington Post
RJ Sangosti | Denver Post
Dave Weatherwax | The Jasper Herald
Will Yurman | Penn State Univeristy

David Adams-Smith | Chicago Tribune (ret.)
Jo-Ann Albers | WKU/Gannett (ret.)
Donna Alvis-Banks | Roanoke Times
Ryan Craig | Todd County Standard
Gail E. Kirkland | Daviess County High School (Ret.)
Tom Eblen | Lexington Herald-Leader
Mac McKerral | WKU Faculty
Beth Noffsinger | Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer
Daniel Pike | Bowling Green Daily News
Dana Rieber | Freelance
Don Wilkins | Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer

Jonathan Adams | Jonathan Adams Photography
Tim Broekema | WKU faculty
Jim Bye | WKU not faculty
Jenny Christian | Freelance
John Dunham | Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer
Kathleen Flynn | Times-Picayune/
Justin Fowler | The State Journal-Register
Mike Gee | NBC News
Nina Greipel | Freelance
James Kenney | WKU faculty
Brian Masck | Media Café
Josh Meltzer | WKU Faculty
Randy Piland | Elon University
Carrie Pratt | WKU Student Publications
Steve Smart | Deloitte
Amy Smotherman | News-Sentinel
Grant Swertfeger | RANDA Solutions / Swordsweeper Industries
Justin Winter | Soundslides
Jonathan Woods | Time

Click here for more information regarding the application. Note that at the time of writing, the event has already commenced and further applicants must wait until next year’s event.



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