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Erica Chambers, Berea, KY Churchill's Artist in Residence

Growing up in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky,  I was blissfully sheltered from the chaos of city life.  Raised with the privilege to take off on my own adventures to explore, I developed a strong sense of curiosity and the desire to document my surroundings.

As I entered my teenage years, those adventures were less outside and more within in my imagination. I was obsessed with fashion & music magazines that introduced me to the outside world.  While they were attempting to sell designer clothes and the “sex, drugs, and rock and roll”life.  I was more seduced by the imagery alone.  I had met my first love – photography.  Although the exposure to this outside world would seem foreign to me, these people were much like the trees I grew up under; all different, yet the same.  I began to compare the Calvin Klein waif models to the malnourished kids that walked the hallways of my high school in Eastern Kentucky.  Much like when Keith Richards’crinkled, haggard face graced the cover of Rolling Stone, I saw the same texture in my father’s from a lifetime of plowing the earth.

At 13, I was given my first vehicle- an old 35 mm Canon rig that allowed me to translate what I see in people. Essentially, I began to see the art of photographing people transcend celebrity status, culture, and environment and unite the diversity of humans through imagery.

My work manifests my passion for people and the love affair that comes along with photographing them.  They come to me from the richest to the poorest, from newborns to the elders, to the movers and shakers and sloths.  Yet, at the end of the day, these people, these characters, are so beautiful to me.  They are all models, rock stars, sex symbols and members of the elite.  While I fall in love with each of them, one by one, telling their stories, they collectively begin to tell mine.

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