A bastion of history in bucolic Berea

In the 1920’s, David Caroll Churchill and his wife Eleanor Franzen Churchill opened Churchill Weavers, the first non-college industry in Berea, Kentucky. Churchill Weavers was founded on a shared passion for high quality hand-woven goods that the couple had grown to love while doing missionary work in India. The company centered on hand weaving looms designed and built by Mr. Churchill and fabric designs created by Mrs. Churchill. After the company exchanged ownership hands twice, Churchill Weavers had to close its door due to losses in 2007 after 85 years of operation.


Churchill's Berea Kentucky | Eat at Overby's, Shop at the Berea Artist Colony, or Book your event at Churchill's in Berea, Kentucky!

Now, after being vacant for nearly 7 years, The Churchill Company, known to the locals as simply “Churchill’s” calls this building home. Churchill’s has created an interwoven community of diverse businesses that each pay homage to the rich history of Churchill Weavers in their own fashion. We invite you to come explore the many offerings at Churchill’s that are provided to visiting patrons every day. We look forward to sharing the legacy of Churchill Weavers with you and having you become a part of our very own traditions!